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Autumn Rendezvous


I am featuring DIGS and DaD Design


I am using the prefabs by DaD Design, DaD DESIGN “Southwoods Cottage” c/m V.1.0 1, available at Shiny Shabby


bed : DIGS – Dormitory Bed/ Geeks’n’Nerds

on the bed :

Pewpew! Robber Classic Mad Teddy (Decor) / TMD

Shiny Shabby_Teddy Deer

14 Fancy Decor: Cool Aztec Pillow

10 Fancy Decor: Forest Pillow

others :

!! Follow US !! Urban – Clothes rack COPY version

{vespertine}tiny dwelling – lazy sofa / red 2

{vespertine}tiny dwelling – lazy sofa / brown 3

Kalopsia – Deer Deco

DIGS – House Flag Red/Gold [MESH] / Geeks’n’Nerds

DIGS – House Flag Blue/Gold [MESH] / Geeks’n’Nerds

DIGS – Langston Bookcase

DIGS – Langston Rug

Fancy Decor: Earth Rug

{vespertine}tiny dwelling – rag rug 12

[ free bird ] Constellations Map / Geeks’n’Nerds

{vespertine}- motivation board / travel

{vespertine} -felt ball garland 2type/texture change

Torornto-Study lamp


on the table and decor around it

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Desk

Fancy Decor: Wire Stool

DIGS – Astronomer’s Newton’s Cradle Decor [MESH] / Geeks’n’Nerds

DIGS – Almut Hanging Terrarium – Succulent / Geeks’n’Nerds

DIGS – Astronomer’s Table Lamp [MESH]  / Geeks’n’Nerds

DIGS – Astronomer’s Study Journal [MESH] / Geeks’n’Nerds

BUENO – Hair Dryers

Fiasco – Game Master Sheet Set 1

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Boxes

Serenity Style- Good Morning frames

{vespertine}tiny dwelling -refreshment 7

“Winterfire” milk jar deco

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Pencils Pot

{vespertine}tiny dwelling -travel journal 8

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Notepad

Fiasco – Game Master Can

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Paper Files

Fancy Decor: Storage Box (floral)

Fancy Decor: Storage Box (geometric)

Fancy Decor: Storage Box (chevron)

Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 4

Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 1

The Horror!~ Sweets Kit (Bubblegum)

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Chair

{vespertine}tiny dwelling – backpack 5

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