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Lookbook 04

One thing I enjoy doing in Secondlife is to go around the grid and find something that is unique, rare and pretty! I usually attracted to rich and creative texture, or something that really looks real in pixels. I browse fashion magazine a lot, so it is a joy to find something that is pretty edgy inside the game.

Fairy Dust!

welcome to my magical world in SecondLife, where I make my dreams come true


I am trying to make poses for all the spots at uphill village :p

RioSisco Studio Pictures

The first time that struck me when I landed on this sim, is UNIVERSAL STUDIO. I always enjoy what Fred and Lotus bring to Secondlife through their passion on creating sim and share it with the rest of us.

I’ve been so busy!

OMG! My RL is really taking a whole lot of my time. Pardon my absent in SecondLife again.

Doin’ Time

are we too early for summer? But I love this song by Lana Del Rey -Doin’ Time. Check out the blog post to see the video clip