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Lookbook 04

One thing I enjoy doing in Secondlife is to go around the grid and find something that is unique, rare and pretty! I usually attracted to rich and creative texture, or something that really looks real in pixels. I browse fashion magazine a lot, so it is a joy to find something that is pretty edgy inside the game.

Fairy Dust!

welcome to my magical world in SecondLife, where I make my dreams come true

New Intern

I remember those internship days in New York City before going back home to Indonesia.

I’ve been so busy!

OMG! My RL is really taking a whole lot of my time. Pardon my absent in SecondLife again.


I always do LOVE and LOVE, KPop Star Fashion when come to male fashion in SecondLife

Once Upon a Time

One thing that make me fall in love with SecondLife is the ability for me to create my own storybook creature.