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Tag: Clawtooth

Something Indigo

Learning Adobe Photoshop has been my main journey inside this game. There are other things I had learned too from the game, for example Blender Avastar, Premier Pro and After Effect. I learn them bit here and there as I don’t have much time to master it. I purposely hold onto my hobby of taking picture and editing it using Photoshop in order to keep pursuing my mastery with this software. I think Adobe’s user interface is pretty complicated, if we can decode this, it is easier for us to actually learn to decode other interfaces.

Last Stop!

I had added this cute train station at uphill village. And I am very happy on how it turn out!

Pumpkin Spice

I have just finished decorating my new home, and I put the rain outside as well as the sound of the rain. How I love staying in and imagining Autumn in the rain.

my game

I am featuring ISUKA, MILA poses, Bold&Beauty, Sallie and backbone

// The Skinnery, Arte, Belle Epoque, Chic Chica and The Arcade //

I am actually working on the setting for random.matter and fancy decor for their items that will be available at june 2016, The Arcade very soon. If you notice the background, that will be the setting for their items, but I could not stop my mind of doing fashion shot on this setting too. I hardly into role playing fashion and style, but since there are so many beautiful pieces coming to Arcade that is just perfect for role playing, I want to share them with you. Let’s focus on my look only ….