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Tag: Tres Blah

Fresh Sun Kissed

I am just inspired by Ririn from FLICKR with her natural look. And this is my version of it …

I am not here to stay

I am not really into a simply pixel selfie. I always love to work on the background first before the look of the avatar. But this time I try it – just simply snapping picture of my avatar.

A Pink Bedroom

I always wanted to make a pink and soft kind of feeling of a bedroom. Here we go!

// DaD Design, keke & floorplan //

Have you ever attended any Indie wedding for real in life? I don’t, but I do love and love this style of wedding set. They said, it is relax, very comfortable, shabby chic style, country style, typical backyard party etc. So to fulfill that imagination of Indie wedding, I turned this boat house by DaD Design into one of the venue for that.