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Hello Welcome to my Blog ! Thank you very much for visiting

I blog mainly Home Decor and Fashion Style

I blog almost everyday at least one post, I don’t really like to spam readers with my post

My blog is linked to my FLICKR, TUMBLR, TWITTER, Facebook Page and Facebook

Find me in Secondlife world here, or email me here


I am mostly featuring the works of my sponsors as they will be mentioned as the header of each of the blog post. All the links provided as to where to find the items either at the main store or the event. If they items are belong to an event when I blogged them I only provided the link to the event, you have to find the link to the shop your self once the event is finished. If they are my sponsors, please look up to my sponsors page, all link to their main shop are provided. If you have any questions, please drop me a notecard in world or email me.


I do not take review openly as I prefer to blog the items that fits my style and preferences. I am not an artist, I am a blogger, therefore my job is to best represent the products on pictures. I am not into statistic chaser as well in social media. I do it at my own pace as I had shared my blog post to my other social media account.

Other than that, Thank you once again and Namaste!

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