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Tag: *COCO*

Something Indigo

Learning Adobe Photoshop has been my main journey inside this game. There are other things I had learned too from the game, for example Blender Avastar, Premier Pro and After Effect. I learn them bit here and there as I don’t have much time to master it. I purposely hold onto my hobby of taking picture and editing it using Photoshop in order to keep pursuing my mastery with this software. I think Adobe’s user interface is pretty complicated, if we can decode this, it is easier for us to actually learn to decode other interfaces.

Lookbook 04

One thing I enjoy doing in Secondlife is to go around the grid and find something that is unique, rare and pretty! I usually attracted to rich and creative texture, or something that really looks real in pixels. I browse fashion magazine a lot, so it is a joy to find something that is pretty edgy inside the game.

Train Ride

I really love the train stop I made at uphill village along with the train on it. I am yet make a picture inside the train, today I do it, as I just had got home from my train ride after work.

Hiding Behind

Hi Finally I come to the point of making my own pose in SecondLife. This is my first try, you can have it for L$10. Read more!

I’ve been so busy!

OMG! My RL is really taking a whole lot of my time. Pardon my absent in SecondLife again.

Doin’ Time

are we too early for summer? But I love this song by Lana Del Rey -Doin’ Time. Check out the blog post to see the video clip