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Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine everyone! I spent my Valentine Day watching The Messiah from Netflix and I had completed the whole season 1 and looking forward for Season 2. I took this series as it is, as an entertainment period and nothing else. I always enjoy how the film industries able to create plot after plot and throw the conspiracy ideas out to the public. 

Lookbook 04

One thing I enjoy doing in Secondlife is to go around the grid and find something that is unique, rare and pretty! I usually attracted to rich and creative texture, or something that really looks real in pixels. I browse fashion magazine a lot, so it is a joy to find something that is pretty edgy inside the game.

New! Rose Bouquet

I made this new rose bouquet and adding some bohemian pattern on the ribbons. These bouquets come with bento animation to hold the flowers. It will stay on this position even when you are walking around. It comes with 3 version with different colors of roses. I hope you like them.

Train Ride

I really love the train stop I made at uphill village along with the train on it. I am yet make a picture inside the train, today I do it, as I just had got home from my train ride after work.

Another Black Dragon Attempt

I am not really into realism in SecondLife as it will muted all those bright and vibrant colors. I like to keep SecondLife as it is with all those rich vibrant texture. But sometimes I tried to bring out realism, but I guess that is not really my nature, I will come back and bring back those richness of colors palettes to my picture. This is one attempt for realism.

a simple florist

“I rather make things instead of selling words out there pretend to be somebody I am not” said the florist continue cutting the flowers for me.

Are the words all you need?

Still on valentine mood, something to reflect and ponder I guess in this virtual world when come to feeling, affection and attention.

Last Stop!

I had added this cute train station at uphill village. And I am very happy on how it turn out!