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Hiding Behind

Hi Finally I come to the point of making my own pose in SecondLife. This is my first try, you can have it for L$10. Read more!

Claire De Lune

I always have this habit of start to keep the music around my house into classical when nearer to X’mas. I don’t know why!

I made it!

OMG, making this picture is not easy. combined two picture into one with the same background. But I am not giving up, I will try some more –

Hello Kitty!

I did not know that Astralia celebrates Hello Kitty Birthday in SL every year. This is something I will look forward. She made a very cute hello kitty land in SL.


I always love the combination of pastel blue and pink in melancholic way.

Autumn Blues

I live in a tropical country, in order to experience Autumn Mood I have to travel elsewhere. I remember the feeling of having the Autumn Leaves around me, it is just magical!

// Midsummer Nights//

I have this little convo with a fellow bloggers recently, we are talking about how mix and match things from an event can be challenging. It is like playing puzzle as you try to utilize as much as possible all the things from the event into one scene or pictures. Sometimes they can match perfectly maybe because of theme, sometimes they don’t. It just does not work no matter how you try, and when this thing happen, we need to pull out our other inventories to fill in the gap, it could be items from other current event or previous events etc. I love creating scene in second life, it is like telling stories or drawing a picture using all these pixelerated objects or prims or mesh what ever you call it instead of brush and paint. it can take hours to do just this, and my day goes fast.