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The Apartments

I always adore Paradox Ivory’s work. I can clearly see how she put a lot of effort on pulling out all those details on her decor. It takes time to actually appreciate her work, there are so much details that invite your mind to run wild to create story based on your own imagination. One time visit is not enough! 

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine everyone! I spent my Valentine Day watching The Messiah from Netflix and I had completed the whole season 1 and looking forward for Season 2. I took this series as it is, as an entertainment period and nothing else. I always enjoy how the film industries able to create plot after plot and throw the conspiracy ideas out to the public. 

Something Indigo

Learning Adobe Photoshop has been my main journey inside this game. There are other things I had learned too from the game, for example Blender Avastar, Premier Pro and After Effect. I learn them bit here and there as I don’t have much time to master it. I purposely hold onto my hobby of taking picture and editing it using Photoshop in order to keep pursuing my mastery with this software. I think Adobe’s user interface is pretty complicated, if we can decode this, it is easier for us to actually learn to decode other interfaces.

Tiffany Blue

Do you know I adore this color so much: Tiffany Blue –  is the colloquial name for the light medium robin egg blue. This color is associated a lot with the brand Tiffany & Co. It is not easy to find this color in Secondlife. And I am so glad to find this dress with that color code. In a RGB color space, hex #0abab5.

Lookbook 04

One thing I enjoy doing in Secondlife is to go around the grid and find something that is unique, rare and pretty! I usually attracted to rich and creative texture, or something that really looks real in pixels. I browse fashion magazine a lot, so it is a joy to find something that is pretty edgy inside the game.

Deep Inside My Heart

Decorating in Secondlife is always therapeutic for me. It allows me to relax and unwind. Pulling out all those detail objects from my inventory while listening to good music. I always appreciate those who put attention to details on their work in Secondlife. It showed effort, effort means care ….


I love to take picture in Secondlife and experiment all kind of editing on photoshop. Learning and being creative is one thing that drives me to keep login into the game. And on top of that I feel good if I can control the background myself. I can create my own story through my picture. I hope you enjoy my work.

New! Rose Bouquet

I made this new rose bouquet and adding some bohemian pattern on the ribbons. These bouquets come with bento animation to hold the flowers. It will stay on this position even when you are walking around. It comes with 3 version with different colors of roses. I hope you like them.

Train Ride

I really love the train stop I made at uphill village along with the train on it. I am yet make a picture inside the train, today I do it, as I just had got home from my train ride after work.

Whimsical Kitchen

I always wanted to make a kitchen decor that is a bit bohemian, whimsical and rustic. So I come with this decor set which I think they are perfectly matching.

Another Black Dragon Attempt

I am not really into realism in SecondLife as it will muted all those bright and vibrant colors. I like to keep SecondLife as it is with all those rich vibrant texture. But sometimes I tried to bring out realism, but I guess that is not really my nature, I will come back and bring back those richness of colors palettes to my picture. This is one attempt for realism.

Frame me up!

Sometimes I got framed up, but I don’t care anyway even I knew it blatantly. I know myself and I know the truth. The truth will always unfold itself, it just a matter of time.