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I am not good with words, I usually avoid long winded conversation especially if it goes no where. I love to go straight to the point and take off from there. I don’t even desire to drag anyone to be on my side or the other side. we are all free and we have our own judgement, measurement and common sense on every situation we face in life. i believe more in action than words. action deals so much with consistency, how consistent you are with what you said you are, i know this sound cliche. this is one of the reason why i love my blog, i somehow able to express my thought here on top of the work for my pictures.

Uptown Doll

Because Our Everyday offers you a combination of sexy and cute style, we are trying to capture it on this blog post made together by Manis and myself. We do have fun roaming this fantastic Saint Pete City sim. It … Continue Reading Uptown Doll

Look #40

Hair : “”D!va”” Hair “Zaara” (Citrine) Skin : -Belleza- Claudia SunKissed 2 BlackEyebrow Eyeshadow : [Buzz] Sleepy Witch – Salem … Continue Reading Look #40

Look #37

Hair : “”D!va”” Hair “Mako” (Onyx) Coat : Mikunch trench coat(S)beige Dress inside the coat : Mikunch kawayui set onepiece(for … Continue Reading Look #37