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Tag: Izzie’s

New Intern

I remember those internship days in New York City before going back home to Indonesia.

Sunday Afternoon

Have you been to .[uphill village], maybe it is about time you check it out! Enjoy


I am featuring new releases by DaD Design and The Liaison Collaborative

// Sunshine … //

Welcoming The Chapter Four with this abundance feel of hot summer day rich with tropical detail and touch. Let’s see what we got here , almost everything are from the upcoming Chapter Four which is going to be opened very soon, every the 4th.

//music is in the air //

I remember driving the car in Bali, we actually drove all the way from kuta to tuban but we crossed the mountain by going over ubud. It was a jeep with open roof top, it felt so good to actually have the sea breeze and slowly embracing the chill of the mountain feet on our skin and face. I remember clearly , we were listening to “love is in the air”, it is an oldies but perfect tune always, click here if you want to listen to it.