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Author: ManisLane

Blogger in Second Life, Doing my own photoshots, modelling and building from time to time. Say Hi to me when you are in world.

Pumpkin Spice

I have just finished decorating my new home, and I put the rain outside as well as the sound of the rain. How I love staying in and imagining Autumn in the rain.

Celebrating Autumn

How I wish I can have autumn just outside my house. In the meantime I can enjoy it in my virtual world of SecondLife.


I always love the combination of pastel blue and pink in melancholic way.

Autumn Blues

I live in a tropical country, in order to experience Autumn Mood I have to travel elsewhere. I remember the feeling of having the Autumn Leaves around me, it is just magical!

Sad Boy

Sometimes it is fun to play as a boy

Dangerous Red

This painting from Nutmeg is the whole inspiration for this picture. And this elf ears complete the whole mood.

I am not here to stay

I am not really into a simply pixel selfie. I always love to work on the background first before the look of the avatar. But this time I try it – just simply snapping picture of my avatar.

A Pink Bedroom

I always wanted to make a pink and soft kind of feeling of a bedroom. Here we go!