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the forgotten corner


I am featuring Anhelo, Chez Moi and Mesh India and a winter tree that is available at [Draftsman]


what I am using this for outdoor decor are as followed ….

[anhelo] stair and dummy wall from 6 Republic Nov. 2016

–ANHELO-M26E1-16CGA :: building installations 1 / The Men’s Department 

–ANHELO-M26E2-16CGA :: building installations 2

Wintery Fountain CHEZ MOI available on Marketplace and Inworld Store

7 MI Winter Wood Log (7LI) by Mesh India/ Cosmopolitan

4 MI Winter Picnic Table (2LI) by Mesh India/ Cosmopolitan

10 MI Winter Cycle (4LI) by Mesh India/ Cosmopolitan

3 MI Winter Mail Post (2LI) by Mesh India/ Cosmopolitan


train track : 04 -Culco- Last Stop – Buffer Stop 6Li / Cosmopolitan

Winter Tree “Fagus” by Panavia [ Draftsman ]

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