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DiXmiX Gallery


sometimes i go around exploring places in secondlife. and i enjoy visiting art gallery. DiXmiX Gallery is one of my most favorite gallery in secondlife. when come to like and preference in secondlife,  there is no right or wrong, everything is very subjective.


i enjoy DixMix gallery because of the following qualities i found or experience to be precise. a good decor all around the gallery, really wonderful and very stylist furniture all around, i love decor in secondlife, this strike me first.


the experience , the playful installation that play with lights, mood, theme and not to forget to mention the awesome streaming/music that make me want to just stay AFK there. this gallery makes me stay put for a while


the choices of the artworks that keep being updated from time to time. it gives me a different dimension of looking at secondlife photography other than being a blogger photographer myself.


the mood …. the surrounding … the space … the silence … the lights … the dims


the carefully crafted position that please the eyes when looking at them


the architecture , the texture of wall …. this is not a matter of TP in and TP out.

Thank you dixmix source for this gallery, and click here for Taxi in world.

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