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/// Happy Gacha-ing Everyone, Arcade September 2016 //


Clock is ticking for The Arcade September round, are you ready? This is my last post for this round and I will take off for holiday for a bit from SecondLife. I hope you like this post. It is a bit adventurous for me to try this style. But Hey! here you go ….


I am featuring the following designers on this post : DRD, Exile,  Moon Amore , AZOURY and i will list them for you as usual.

for the decor background are frm DRD Collections for Arcade this round, they are ….

13.DRD MM2 gramophone (click for sounds)

4. DRD MM2 Birdcage

2. DRD MM2 frame 1

2. DRD MM2 frame 2

2. DRD MM2 frame 5

17.DRD MM2 Toys Haunted rocking horse

12.DRD MM2 Haunted grandfather clock


and what I am wearing from Arcade September 2016 are as followed …

hair : Exile::Hot

dress : :CurelessAmore: Sous-Marine Dress/ Maitreya (Exp)

mustache : :CurelessAmore: /Surrealisme/ Le Moustache Papillon 2 REWARD

butterfly on mouth : :CurelessAmore: / Surrealisme / Un Papillon Voltigeant / GOLD

butterfly around the body : :curelessamore: / Surrealisme / L’Aura / Wear or rez / NOIR

shoe : AZOURY – Rebelle Shoes Red with Wood Heel [Maitreya] RARE

balloon : :CurelessAmore: /Surrealisme/ Reservoir Balloon

and I am adding the stocking from Erratic

TP to The Arcade September 2016, HERE 

Happy Birthday Arcade, We ❤ You


See you everybody, Mwah!!! Thank you for everything!!! <333

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