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// My first LTD issue, Decorator Block //


Working for LTD [ Love To Decorate ] magazine in Secondlife is always my top upmost dream in that game. Probably because I love decorating so much and always looking forward for the new magazine release. There are just so much inspiration where to find items to be used for decorating in Secondlife as well as ideas and inspirations.


It is not just about the style there but the photography quality as well. I love to see how the photographer had actually pick an angle to photograph certain set as well as how they move their sliders around to have good lights for the pictures. These pictures are pure taken inside Secondlife world without any edit at all. I always have this wish that I want to see how my works will be captured by a professional photographer in Secondlife, I want to see how they pick up the angle, how their eyes see my works. And this wish too comes true for me. I am so grateful with all of these.


for this decorator block I actually used one of the attic room from the house created by Scarlet Creative, The Hunstman Manor, click here to see the house.


this is house the room look like before decorating, there is no window and pretty narrow.


I turned this room into a studio type of apartment, where there is the bedroom, study room, closet and a bit of living room. click here to the magazine issue and flip all the way to page 149 for the styling credit. I would like to thank you Jordan Giant for taking all these amazing pictures of my work, click here to check Jordan’s FLICKR.

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