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Change I do think this exist profoundly in secondlife. i take this game as journey of my soul finding, something that i can not afford to do in real life. i am not scare or fear of change here. of course i still be very careful on my calculation when i do change but yeah in general it does not fear me at all. Secondlife is like my single life, life before married and become mom. I am free here to do things I want and express myself freely, it is my own little world that I created. With this in mind, I have decided to do some further changes here that ease my journey even more ….


what i am wearing here :

hair : Besom~Sable

skin applier : [theSkinnery] Lydia (Omega LAQ and LOGO Applier) champagne/ Cosmopolitan

eye make up: Veechi – Monsoon Shadow [Logo]

tattoo : PICHI – Butterflies Eye Tattoo (Maitreya Applier)

crown : BackBone Guardian of Eternity Crown RARE/ Guardian Gacha end at 31st July

earring : Arela Silver by Tracei

necklace : BackBone Guardian of Eternity Necklace RARE / Guardian Gacha end at 31st July

bra : B,P! Bikini Bra by DeadDollz / The Epiphany

panties : B,P! Bikini Thong by DeadDollz / The Epiphany

and little things around me are :

Serenity Style – Life is Wonderful Cherrys Bowl/ Tres Chic

B,P! Magazine 1 by DeadDollz / The Epiphany

B,P! Bag – Aqua by DeadDollz / The Epiphany

B,P! FlipFlops – Peach by DeadDollz / The Epiphany

8,[[RH]] -KURA- BOTAN Vase (Peony) Red by RH Design / The Epiphany

*please click here to read more how the gacha is played at The Epiphany and beware of the reward system there. Good Luck!


on top of those … I am featuring the following items

Cosette Gacha set by Serenity Style available at Shiny Shabby

Life is wonderful set by Serenity Style available at Tres Chic

Stockholm&Lima:The Floating Island  available at ULTRA event *great moving animation for jumping to water from the wood dock! you must try!

hive // floating dock available at ULTRA event


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