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// mirror mirror on the wall //


We grew up with this mantra from the story of Snow White, the evil queen days in and days out checking who is the fairest girl of all. I guess when we live in the limelight we will be naturally prone to this condition that is why we fight for the confirmation just like the evil queen who tried to poison snow white with her poisonous apple while she pretend to be an old weak woman that need helps so that she will be the fairest girl of all and nobody else claim that tittle.  And the story goes on …

However I am not going to exploit further of that story, but there are messages behind it. What I would like to introduce here are some of the few items that look so awesome to be put together. Let’s see what are they …


I am wearing …

hair + headband : +elua+ Misty_Variety_A_RARE [unrigged]/ The Epiphany

Skin Applier on Catwa head : Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Viktoria – America

collar : Meva Collar Necklace Gold brown/ The Crossroad

dress : Kaithleen’s Tied Dress – Maitreya/ Mesh Body Addict

shoe : Essenz – Ghana (Maitreya) – HUD1 / NEW at the Mainstore

It is the 3rd anniversary month for Essenz, and Essenz has relocated to the new mainstore as LM provided above. There is 50% off for single purchase and 30% off for fatpak. This special over only last until 26th of this month. Happy Birthday Essenz!

and things around me inside the house are 

uK – Boho Puff Pillow Flat by Unkindness for Shiny Shabby

uK – Boho Puff Pillow Upright by Unkindness for Shiny Shabby

uK – Boho Puff Pillow Stack by Unkindness for Shiny Shabby

click here to see the complete set, these gorgeous pillow come in two version, boho style and shabby style. Unkindness always fun with their shabby texturing.


the next new set I would love to feature is old stone gazebo by Anhelo for shiny shabby as well. The name of this set is um mirante, click here to see the picture of it.

So that’s it for today, I hope you have a great day or rest where ever you are …


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