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// trust in yourself //


The more we listen to what others said especially about how we do things, the more we are going to be confused. My best advise is, believe in ourselves, listen to our inner sight and have trust on it. It is not easy, especially when we are dealing with creative works in Second Life. People taste are vary, how they appreciate works are different, we can be easily demotivated with all these. However if your real passion is creating beautiful things in Second Life this will not kill our drives at all. We will go beyond this. Our satisfaction comes from the work we do, we can access it ourselves and feel the joy of it. When we enjoy what we are doing, we are unstoppable!


I am featuring 2 new releases here, one by Trompe Loeil, Pomeroy Glen Cabin + Chair, available at Collabor88. The Second one is from Stockholm Lima for Epiphany, Backyard Pool Party. I provide below at the end of the post the gacha key for this.


basically on top of those new items from Trompe Loeil and Stockholm Lima I am adding the following to the decor ….

around the house

–ANHELO-M19MD-166GA :: strawberry pot

–ANHELO-M18MD-166GA :: strawberry planter

Apple Fall Period Coffee Table

SM – Salad Bowl by Special Moment

The Loft – Alderan Candle Vase

The Loft  – Alderan Placemat – Deco Only no Food

The Loft  – Red Wine

Dutchie 3 winebottles

in the garden

LB_Bouton d’or Orange{Rounded-Field} by Little Branch

LB_Bouton d’or Pink{Rounded-Field} by Little Branch

LB_Bouton d’or Yellow{Rounded-Field} by Little Branch

Skye Scots Pine 3 Group with base by Studio Skye

Enchanted Path Straight by Studio Skye

Skye Spring Flower Level Ess by Studio Skye

Hayabusa Design Old Plane Tree – Platane M1 v1-2 t56v6-1

Hayabusa Design Prunus Serrulata Japonica M0&1 v1-1 tm8v1-1

Beech forest C/M by 3D Trees

Heart – Ox Eye Daisies – Bush – Large by Lilith Heart

*ionic* Summer Bike/ gacha

.:Bee Designs:. To The Beach gacha Kites 2

the gacha key for Stockholm Lima


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