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// Midsummer Nights//


Another post for Indie Teepee which opened on the 8th of July. Do check the website to find more info about the event. This event full of programs that can fulfill your fun while you are log into Second Life. Click here to the website, and click here for the TP.

I have this little convo with a fellow bloggers recently, we are talking about how mix and match things from an event can be challenging. It is like playing puzzle as you try to utilize as much as possible all the things from the event into one scene or pictures. Sometimes they can match perfectly maybe because of theme, sometimes they don’t. It just does not work no matter how you try, and when this thing happen, we need to pull out our other inventories to fill in the gap, it could be items from other current event or previous events etc. I love creating scene in second life, it is like telling stories or drawing a picture using all these pixelerated objects or prims or mesh what ever you call it instead of brush and paint. it can take hours to do just this, and my day goes fast.


and this another one of them that I created out of Indie Teepee event. Let’s list them …

what I am wearing …

hair : Blues. Aislinn (full, +roots)/ Dreamfull Event

flowers on head : [SWaGGa] Crown of Gardens / Indie Teepee


dress : {Reverie} ‘Fleur de Amaryliss’ Tunic – Black – Maitreya / Indie Teepee

boot :  Petite Mort- Bone Hendrix boot Classic / Indie Teepee

pose : an lar [poses] – The Hermia Series – Five / Indie Teepee

ukulele : BALACLAVA!! Cigarbox Ukulele (F) / Indie Teepee

and things around me are …

uK – In Tuned Bench Blanket Gypsy by Unkindness/ Indie Teepee

Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Chillin leather chair [BK]copy/ Indie Teepee

Ariskea[Faedreams] Roses of Midnight / Indie Teepee

Ariskea[Faedreams] Lover Arch / Indie Teepee

Ariskea[Faedreams]Fairy Dust Purple / Indie Teepee

Ariskea[Faedreams]Fairy Dust Green / Indie Teepee

Ariskea[Faedreams]Fairy Dust Blue / Indie Teepee

Ariskea[Faedreams] Moon of us Blue / Indie Teepee

[IDEZA Furniture] – Passport to Dreamland [modified by me ]  / Indie Teepee

Toro. San Jose Floating Deck {Red} / Indie Teepee

Toro. Film Canister / Indie Teepee

Toro. San Jose Beanbag {Bohemian} / Indie Teepee

Toro. San Jose Projector Cloth / Indie Teepee

Toro. San Jose Beanbag {Midnight} / Indie Teepee

Toro. San Jose Crate {Jamaican} / Indie Teepee

Toro. San Jose Vintage Projector / Indie Teepee

others stuff around the decor …

Fence & Horses NorthMont Farm CHEZ MOI

HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – bGreen a,b

HPMD* (optional) Tree Root (GT08) – brown/a

HPMD* Shrub – green*a,b,c

(Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 – a

HPMD* Dirt Road – brown

{anc} mist cloud [sungold] flat 1prim

{anc} nebra beads [sungold] pole 2Li

[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry

reBourne prefabs multi scene skybox


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