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// Decision … //


I am so used of making decision so quick and face the consequences alone. Living abroad away from the family when you are young teach you all this. I had been living overseas since I was 19, I hardly came back and live with parent actually. So a lot of things I had to decide alone in life. Until i got married i have my husband helping me on making some of the decision, i have been slowing down since then. my decision making getting small and no longer that important like what must i cook for today, is it time for hair cut etc. That is why I deliberately enjoy my freedom in SL on making decision. I make decision here lavishly, I have nothing to loose because at the end of the day we are all can log off and go hiatus for a while and come back when we want to. I love being totally independent here.


The Season story is back! and Let’s see what I can compose out of this event …

what I am wearing and little things around me …

hair : :CHEVEUX:M085Hair Browns + hat / The Season Story

mesh head : Genesis_Head_Candice_2.0 / The Season Story

tattoo : IGOTIT – The Arrows MiniTattoo – Black [omega applier] RARE / The Season Story

short necklace : Schadenfreude Sakura Mori Pendant/ The Season Story

long necklace : Meva Fly Necklace Long Gold/ The Season Story

outfit : Dead Dollz Sequoia Top&Bottom – Brown/ The Season Story

sandals :  Astralia – Sequoia indie feet accessories/ The Season Story

phone : [NANI] Clam.Phone (Coral) / The Season Story

drawing book : C L A Vv. Nerdy Sketchbook / The Season Story

headphone+phone : -tres blah- Salad Days – Easy Listening

float: [Fetch] Shore Set – Pineapple Floatie RARE / The Season Story


decor around it …

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beachcomber Rattan Couch/ The Season Story

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Caged Bottle/ The Season Story

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Comber Rug/ The Season Story

MudHoney Jenny Chaise w Blanket PG/ The Season Story

[Fetch] Shore Set – Beach Umbrella/ The Season Story

hive // extra buckets/ The Season Story

TA Summertime Shower by Tartessos Arts


some details …

[Fetch] Shore Set – Beer Bottles/ The Season Story

Fresh orange juice by Poche/ The Season Story

Fresh orange juice glass by Poche/ The Season Story

Fresh strawberries by Poche/ The Season Story

Fresh Fruit by Poche/ The Season Story

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decorative Stones/ The Season Story

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Dry Starfish/ The Season Story

and for the big decor like house, fence, trees etc …

hive // quaint shack RARE/ The Season Story

::KKs:: les murs de la maison – pole no shades

::KKs:: les murs de la maison – corner

LB_Daisy{Rounded-Field} by Little Branch/ On9

LB_HoneyMesquite{4seasons} by Little Branch/ On9

DaD Design’s Palm mod. 02 -V.2 – COPY V. –

*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

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