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// haze … //


I am not sure how many understand how much haze we have to take as blogger, but let me share here a bit. To me a blogger means someone who are committed and organized themselves pretty well. we start our day log in SL by looking at all the notices we have received while we were off line. reading and sorting them, some of them are packages for us to unpack and see to blog. While we are opening up all those packages we have to make sure we know when is the deadline, any special info we need to share at our blog for example like midnight mania or hunt and we have to introduce how the things work etc. sorting out the new inventories that are coming, i love to unpack and see them one by one so that I know what I have and how to mix and match them.

After all that then the blogging process begin. we decide which one to blog first in accordance to the schedule and deadline. We start to pull those items we receive and work on a style or a decor, this goes with that and this and that etc. Be it for fashion style or decor, our mind busy mixing and matching them trying this combination and that combination until we have the final look or style that we think is the best presentation for the product. Only then we are ready for photo taking, and continue by editing. Once the pictures is nice and dandy, we are ready to blog.

we then create a blog post for that, with all the items list that we would like to share as well as all the links where to get them in world. the more we are able to mix and match the items, the better we are. it means we are shortening the list of things to blog or to clear. once the blog post is done, we are good to share in in social media, to flickr, facebook etc etc. This is just an illustration of a complete cycle of ONE BLOG POST.

Usually once I had blogged the items I removed them out of my blogging list, as I had created folder for each of my sponsors and put all the new items there so that I know which ones that I have not blogged. Once they are blogged they are removed from that folder to my regular inventories folder which I do not have to worry about blogging and deadline anymore. And when an event is ended, I have to move all the things from the event folder to my regular folder, this take a lot of times to work. On top of all this, we have blogger report to do too, some of the sponsors request this.

That is why when we are not managing ourselves properly we can burn out and run out of energy or focus. Those will impact the quality of our work! Creative work requires certain type of emotion and mood on top of discipline and a lot of self motivation. Not everyone will like our works or think our works are good, but we have to continue deliver the service, we have to continue showing up and producing blog posts!

It is not an easy hobby for sure, but it is pretty rewarding if we really enjoy styling, decorating and taking pictures … otherwise we can easily burn out and give up!


now let’s see what i am wearing here …

hair : +elua+ Willow_Variety_B [fitted], Natural / Indie Teepee, 8th July

lipstick : [theSkinnery] Alfresco Lip Kit (Catwa Applier)/ We ❤ RP

flowers on head : Bauhaus Movement – Eternal Headpiece PURPLE / Pulse Charity Event

flowers on neck : Bauhaus Movement – Eternal Choker PURPLE / Pulse Charity Event

necklace : .random.Matter. – Tegrin Necklace – Crybaby [Gold]/  Dreamful Event

dress : The Annex – Ava Vintage Teddy – Ice Blue – Maitreya / Crossroad

shoe : Essenz – Boa Vista (Maitreya)/ The Project Seven

ring : [ keke ] butterfly ring white RARE / The Chapter Four

nail polish : alaskametro<3 “Muse” nail art maitreya / Pulse Charity Event

pose : Purple Poses – Clarisse 05/ N21

and things around me are ….

[ keke ] wild lilies – big – blush/ NEW! for The Forest *read below

{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [sugar white] 4Li/ gacha

{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [sugar white] 4Li/ gacha

{what next} Pembury Bench

dust bunny . summer picnic . picnic basket RARE/ gacha

Botanical – Seasonal Boxwood Bush (Square) 2x3x2

:Fanatik Architecture: VIA APPIA Road Square EX Summer 512

THE FOREST _ July Line up

what is the Forest?

It is started on 11th July, visit the website click here.

15-20 great designers will provide content, free for you to pick up at the event.

‘The Forest’ opens July 11th, and you get in by buying access to the event through ‘The Forest’ group. You can purchase access any time before or during the event.

The cost per ticket is only L $1000. At the very most that works out to around $60 per item, and often less.


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  1. Your post is so perfect timed, Manis! You expressed so beautifully and thoughtfully how much time, energy and effort goes into blogging, and as I write those words I look over to your “Library” section in your sidebar and see that you often average more than 1 post a day – sometimes more than 2 or 3 posts a day! – and I’m completely in awe of you. You may be the most prolific, inspiring, dedicated blogger I know, dear lady. I hope you get some “me time” and a chance to just enjoy SL, because you SO deserve it. I’m in awe of you sincerely; you are an amazing person and an incredible blogger! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Ever thank you very much. I got a lot and a lot time, in fact that is the only reason I log in SL. I enjoy playing with pixels, decorating and styling … and I love to keep them as record through my blogging and pictures. I don’t think I will log in SL if there is no blogging for me. The main reason I enjoy second life because of this hobby. That is why i am a bit introvert and stay alone most of the time hahahhahaa. My RL is pretty demanding I don’t have much time to do others thing in SL that is why I choose to do what I enjoy the most which is this. Thank you very much again for all your kind comments.

      Liked by 1 person

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