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//music is in the air //



I remember driving the car in Bali, we actually drove all the way from kuta to tuban but we crossed the mountain by going over ubud. It was a jeep with open roof top, it felt so good to actually have the sea breeze and slowly embracing the chill of the mountain feet on our skin and face. I remember clearly , we were listening to “love is in the air“, it is an oldies but perfect tune always, click here if you want to listen to it.


let’s tackle our list ….

what I am wearing ….

hair : *barberyumyum*73CB(brown) (rigged)

hat : Baiastice_Foulard straw hat / Summerfes 2016

face mask : Izzie’s – Catwa Sunscreen / Summerfes 2016

necklace : (Kunglers Extra) Melita necklace – Gold/Jasper

bikini top : Baiastice_Seae Swimsuit-Tulip/Lime-UPPER Maitreya Lara / Summerfes 2016

short pant : Baiastice_Seae Swimsuit-Tulip/Lime-LOWER Maitreya Lara / Summerfes 2016

mark on tummy : Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Sunscreen Designs / Summerfes 2016

bangles : Ariskea [Hindi] Wood Bangle [Right]

phone : [Cosmic Dust] – Cutesie Phone Typer // Strawberry

drink : dust bunny . coconut drink/ Summerfes 2016

tube : VCO – Happy summer picnic ( Tube – Watermelon) <Waist>

pose : Kirin – Color for Summer Pose 3/ Summerfes 2016

and the things around me are …

Sway’s [Ahoy] Boat candle . gold/red/ fifty linden friday

Sway’s [Ahoy] Boat candle . gold/green / fifty linden friday

Sway’s [Ahoy] Boat candle . gold/blue / fifty linden friday

Serenity Style- Ibiza Bag/ Shiny Shabby

Serenity Style- Summer Beach Floats/ Cosmopolitan

and I am featuring ….

Stockholm&Lima: Summer Party Boat available at Fameshed

6 Solo Seats (6male, 6female in each)

3 Couples Seats (5 Cuddles, and 14 animations in each one)

4 person dance floor (3-4 animations in each spot)

A Slide (that will launch you out into the water :P)

Bar&Grill + 3 Barstools (13animations each)

Rezzable LifeBoats (8solo and 6 couples animations)

Rezzable InnerTubes (7solo + 3 Friends and 3 couples animations)


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