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I did a lot of thinking today about how am I going forward with my blogging, I enjoy blogging so much, making pictures, decorating and styling for fashion. However when the thing becomes too demanding, it kills all the joy I have. I don’t like to be pushed around just for the sake of numbers or popularity contest if you want to call it. I like to have my own pace and enjoy what I am doing. Unfortunately taking sponsors for blogging comes with all this requirement, some sponsors really concern about the number of views and favorites out of their bloggers’ posts on FLICKR, this really kills the whole thing of being creative having this thought at the back of our mind. And I can not blame them either, they need this for their marketing strategy and earn their effort back.

So I will drop all the sponsors that require this number out of my post, I don’t need this! If I really like the product I can still buy them and blog them at my own pace. I do not want to repeat the hectic life of RL back in SL, there is no point of doing that, my RL is already pretty demanding, I don’t need the repeat pattern here. One year doing blogging had given me enough exposure of what is blogging all about in Second Life. I hate to disappoint other because the favor they had given me, to me it is a burden to take something without returning them properly. The feeling of owing someone a favor disturb my sleep in RL :p


now what I am wearing here ….

head scarf : L&H ::HEADWRAP :: Black Knit ) resizer (

skin applier : .:[PUMEC] :. – .: Vita – May Freckles – CATWA HEAD/ Lost&Found

pipe : [ kunst ] – Karl’s pipe

earring : Meva Enia Earring Black Right

dress : Dead Dollz – Anja – Pearl/ Shiny Shabby

cardigan : Emery Andreja Kimono Berry_Medium

bag : (Milk Motion) My tote bag *sisca* (pose2) (click the badge)

ring : Meva Cubes 3 Ring brown right

tattoo : PICHI – Rainy Eyes Tattoo (Maitreya Applier HUD)/ SaNaRae

bangles : TABOU. Riley Bangle – Black4- R/ Lost&Found

shoe : #EMPIRE – Clarkia – Maitreya/ Shiny Shabby

and the things around me are …

Kalopsia – Vintage Dune Buggy – Decor/ Uber

Kalopsia – Vintage Dune Buggy Rezzer / Uber

[ keke ] sandbags – sahara / Uber

[ keke ] rifle case table – white / Uber

[ keke ] rifle case table – wood / Uber

[ keke ] bastet cat figure / Uber

Trompe Loeil – Ornate Iron Lantern Ground / Uber

junk. wannabe boho. wall hanging. green.

DaD Design’s Flower Palm Group V.2 – COPY –

credit for making this set goes to Maririn Noel, check out her picture with the same set as background, click here.

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