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// Blues, #EMPIRE and random.matter//


I like sexy in a very suggestive manner almost sheer, just like when all we can have is imagination when it is became completely naked, it is up to our mind to interpret nudity, therefore i like to keep nudity in this level …. i am only giving a suggestion and the rest is up to you to finalize the imagination … whether i am inside that imagination is no longer my property or my influence because i have given you only a little bit :p


I am not going to handle decor nor my head and make up .. I only focus on the things I wear, even the pose I did it myself.

hair : Blues. Melissa (rigged +roots)/ Kustom9

harness : #EMPIRE – Amatrix Harness – Maitreya

rings : :[P]:– Derre Rings [Right-Maitreya]:// Vintage Gold

gloves : .random.Matter. & Le Morte – Aeson Glove/ Men Only Month

bracelet: .random.Matter. & Le Morte – Aeson Bracelet -/ Men Only Month

bracer : .random.Matter. & Le Morte – Aeson Bracer / Men Only Month

boot : #EMPIRE – Canna – Maitreya / We<Rp

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