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// Trompe Loeil for The Arcade June 2016//


I used to go camping with school when I was in my secondary school. Indonesia is rich with mountains and forest during that time. We used to go as a school pack to one of the area on the mountain feet in Java island. It was not comfortable at all, the sleeping bag, the public toilet we had to share and the food that we had to cook our own. However, the memory that always stay very intact in my mind is when I woke up on the mountain feet. The chill of the mist, the view of fresh morning in the forest, the sound of the stream …. those are unforgettable and still very fresh in my mind. And those vivid memory that brings me to this scene. I am featuring the new set of pretty camping set by Trompe Loeil for the upcoming June 2016, Arcade. Click here for TP.


For the exterior or the landscape I am using these things …

DaD DESIGN Off Sim Forest Pines 64 mt lower/ by DaD Design

Skye Scots Pine Forest Clearing/ by Studio Skye

Wild Mountain Pine – LP – Cluster – D1 1/ by Lilith Heart

flowers and bushes ….

flowers bushes : 1 Prim Mesh Flower Bush 1b, 1c and 1d/ by Felix

flower on log : *AF* Log Planter – Mixed Succulents/ by Artisan Fantasy

flower on log : *AF* Log Planter – Jade/ by Artisan Fantasy


for the decor around it I am using the following ….

on the right …

table : *ionic* Rural table/ gacha

table decor : *ionic* Dinner is ready!/ gacha

plant on table : *AF* Seedlings 3/ by Artisan Fantasy

bunnies : +Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Latte – Look Around

deer : Fawny – Forest Does – Couple

on the middle …

Aphrodite “Summertime” Camping Table + Drinks giver

on the left ..

Thunk! Flapper Congas

Thunk! Heart Hole Guitar – Natural

*ionic* Traveller’s backpack {wear}


other than what I mentioned above, it comes in a set of this pop-up camping set. the fire camp, the log, the lamp, the stones around it and some plantation. The january set is designed for winter with the snow around it.

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