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// PewPew!, Little Branch,Sallie, Meva,#EMPIRE, Creator Collection Box, Chez Moi and Lost&Found//


I do love animation, the beautiful pixels, beautiful imagination on those animation movies, they bring me to wonder and the fantasy world, be it the story of a dragon, a mermaid, a fairy or just beautiful life of human being or animals. That is why I love Second Life so much, can you imagine everyday you are seeing these beautiful pixels right in front of your screen just like the raw shot i took up there while working on this post.


on this set I am wearing the following beautiful creation of second life ….

hair : Moon. Hair. // Nashville. brunette

hat : *{( konpeitou )}* Hana-gacha 2-Garbo Hat/ Creator Collection Box

net on face : Meva Vintage Net Cap White/ Shiny Shabby

dress :  {sallie} 1930 Lacy Summer Dress (Mait Beta) – creme/ Lost and Found

shoe : #EMPIRE – Nigella – Maitreya/ Fantasy Collective

rose bouquet : *N*Rose Bouquet female Pink_C/ Creator Collection Box


and the things around me are …

bridge : Iron Garden Bridge Nature CHEZ MOI/ Lost and Found

Building : {Bad Seed} Molly’s Greenhouse / Lost and Found

Fountain on water : {Bad Seed} Molly’s Birthbath / Lost and Found

Mushrooms : LB_Mushrooms.v2, by Little Branch / Shiny Shabby

Mushrooms : LB_Mushrooms.V1, by Little Branch/ Shiny Shabby

Bird on fountain: Pewpew! Sparrow Pink “Bath” (Scripted)/ Shiny Shabby

Bird on fountain :Pewpew! Sparrow Brown “Relaxed” (Scripted)/ Shiny Shabby

Bird on fountain : Pewpew! Sparrow Blue “Eating” (Scripted)/ Shiny Shabby

Scene : Secret Summer Pond Scene 57 Prim 32x32m Size copy/mody 2 by Felix

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