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// DaD Design, Artisan Fantasy,Unkindness and Creator Collection Box//


I always live in the city all my life, therefore it is pretty difficult to imagine how the life in the village would be. I depend mostly from movie or books I read. And this set is one of the imagination of what the life would be outside the city.


I am featuring the DaD DESIGN “Birch Cottage” available at Shiny Shabby now. Click here to read more about the info for this house.Since I am featuring this house, I don’t really touch the inside a lot, I am focusing on the exterior of the house.


I decorate the inside a bit with the items found at Creator Collection Box. I am using [[RH]] SUZUKAZE Gacha, click here to see the gacha key for this set. I always adore the creation by RH design especially the wood texture and rich japanese fabric.

I am also adding the new release by Artisan Fantasy, Tulip Log kit, available at Cosmopolitan, click here to see the info about it.

I am also featuring SeaAlmond tree and wildgrass by Little Branch, available at LTD event until the 26th of May.

I am also adding, uK – Spring Cleaning Clothes Line White and uK – Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket, by the Unkindness, available at Fameshed, click here to see the product info …. I think this set of clothes line is just perfect for summer mood around the grid.


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