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// N21, Lost&Found, Keke, DIGS, Hive and nefarious.inventions //


I always in love with Paris, the whole thing about that city. The mood, the architecture, the vintage feeling and most of all the interiors inside those old vintage looking building, especially those along the river seine apartments. That mood lead me to this decor.

I am featuring things that you can found at N21 and Lost and Found items. Let’s list them.

from N21 event, click here for LM

chair : :CP: Sabine Sofa (PG)/ by Cheeky Pea

chair : Kalopsia – Briony’s Couch – PG/ by Kalopsia

chair : :CP: Sabine Armchair (PG)/ by Cheeky Pea

table : :CP: Sabine Abstract Table Copper/ by Cheeky Pea

carpet : Kalopsia – Briony’s Rug/ by Kalopsia

carpet : :CP: Sabine Abstract Rug Dark/ by Cheeky Pea

carpet : :CP: Sabine Abstract Rug Lilac/ by Cheeky Pea

decor on shelf : Kalopsia – Briony’s Picture – Sky/ by Kalopsia

art on floor : :CP: Sabine Abstract Art 1,2,3 / by Cheeky Pea

table decor : :CP: Composition Notebook/ by Cheeky Pea

table decor : :CP: Sabine Tulips In Water

curtain on wall : Kalopsia – Briony’s Curtains – Plain/ by Kalopsia

from Lost and Found event OPENING SOON! , click here for LM

table decor : [ keke ] potted mint 1&2 / by keke

table decor : [ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons/ by keke

table decor : [ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar/ by keke

table decor : [ keke ] hard to find cup 1&2/ by keke


other findings …

screen : [n.i] repurposed.fancy.screen/ by nefarious.inventions/ Whimsical Event

fan : {BE} Ceiling fan *Light*/ by BellEquipe / Shiny Shabby

decor on floor : Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper by apple fall

decor on floor : (Milk Motion) double straps sandals – blue leather/ by milk motion/ rez instead of wear

decor on chair : +Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets – Neutral/ by Half Deer

decor on chair : Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015/ by Apple Fall

decor on shelf : hive // painted seahorse decor [small]/ by hive/ Ultra Event

decor on shelf : Fancy Decor: Bracket Bookends/ by fancy decor

decor on shelf : Fancy Decor: Stacked Boxes / by fancy decor

decor on shelf : DIGS – Book Decor – all books there/ by DIGS

decor on shelf : Soy. Record Stand Rack/ by Soy

decor on shelf : AF Magazine Files/ by Apple Fall

plant : MP_Leafy House Plant2 – Tall/ by mesh plant

plant : Leafy Plant – Big/ by mesh plant

plant : junk. potted tree./ by junk

wall on shelf : Mori. tiles distressed painter/ by Zigana/ Shiny Shabby

decor : Fancy Decor: Floor Globe (silver)/ by Fancy Decor/ The Liaison Collaborative

build : :HAIKEI: dusky white skybox/ by Haikei

gacha findings, I don’t provide the LM for these items, you can hunt them on MP

table decor : -tb- Tea Time – TeaPot/ by tres blah

table decor : little bones. Smoke Break \\ Full Flavor/ by little bones

decor on floor : Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books 2/ by Zaara

decor on floor : (fd) Fashion Magazines/ by fashionably dead

decor on chair : -David Heather-Stuffed Rabbit Tote/Orange/ by David Heather/ Kustom9

decor on wall : -tres blah- Salad Days – Deer Bust (Silver/Black) RARE/ by Tres Blah

decor on shelf : -tres blah- Salad Days – Silver Alarm Clock/ by Tres Blah

plant on window : Concept} 03. Barcelona – Love Pots/ by concept


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