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//Chocolate Atelier and #EMPIRE //


Sometimes I like the idea of just having fun, let the imagination and creativity flow without constraint. Let it gives birth to probably the most wacky idea we can think of. Einstein once said, creativity is intelligence having fun. I adore Dahlia Madoka, for her braveness and daring statement on her flickr work, click here if you want to see it. I love her good taste, composition and stories she wrote on each of her pictures. Sometimes they can be very provoking, but after all, she is Tokyo Cake! She loves visiting calypso, I bet she gave birth to some beautiful ideas out of that sim. So today, she came over for this picture together. Thank you Dahlia ….


what I am wearing here ..

hair : Magika [Hair+] Dreamy

flowers on head : Boudoir  Rose’s thorn wreath

flowers on arm : Boudoir  Roses thorns oround right upper hand

body suit : ::c.A:: Giulia *Flower04* Maitreya MeshBody Applier [ Enchantment ]

flowers skirt : Boudoir  Floral skirt part

shoe : #EMPIRE – Camellias – Maitreya [ Ultra Event ]

our poses : Le Poppycock *Small Blessings*  [ Enchantment ]


Dahlia mix and match a lot of things here, she enjoys doing that crafting another look of the clothes she originally bought. click here and here  to see her picture version.

and the things around us are …

*ionic* Abandoned Warehouse

{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt

{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [F] 1Li

*alirium* Rays [warm]

Boudoir Spring Fairy Fountain

Fawny – Forest Does – Couple

Fawny – Winter Wonderland.Standing Deer – Decor

Oh btw! I turn this picture to a movie poster because of Strawberry Singh challenge, read here to find out about it. Cheers!

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