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// Di’Cor, Floorplan/brocante, Backbone, DIGS and keke //


I just love this skybox by Bazar, ~BAZAR~London Skyhome at 6Republic, I love the design and I love the concept of being able to use the outer side of the room on this skybox. I re-texture the floor here. However on this blog post I will tackle the interior. I turned this apartment into a studio type of apartment, where the living room and the bedroom share the same space.


some of the details here …

on the coffee tables …

DIGS – Etienne Coffee Table [MESH]

Ariskea [Le Secret] Making Of [ gacha ]

Soy. DarK Purple Berries

AF Fern Specimen

Fancy Decor: Print Books

Fancy Decor: Wire Clock

Fancy Decor: Inlaid Box

[ keke ] bottled roses – white

on the console table

The Loft – Mathis Console White

Fancy Decor: Crystal Candelstick

Fancy Decor: Map Frame

Fancy Decor: Chain Frame

Fancy Decor: Studded Frame

[Commoner] Award Statuette / Fashion (Best Dressed)

[Commoner] Award Statuette / Occupational (Best Blogger)


furniture at the living room …

Di’Cor Charles Sofa [Adult] 1 [ 6Republic ]

Di’Cor Charles Armchair w Blanket [ 6Republic ]

Apt B // Antique Chair White

Apt B // Rug V1

W.Winx & Flair – Rug Set – Creamy

BackBone White Cat-ne-quin on Silver Stand

BackBone White Bun-ne-quin on Silver Stand

[ keke ] london wall art – white

Apt B // LTD Gacha Flowers

[ keke ] cluster of bulbs – chrome – maxi

junk. potted tree.

furniture at the bedroom

brocante. metal frame bed / white A [ Uber ]

[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream – Three Pillows

Astralia – Glicine ruffle pillow (white)

Di’Cor Londonscape 1, 2, 3, wall frame [ 6Republic ]

Bazar – Glam-FEMALE closet 01,02,03 and 04 WHITE

Fancy Decor: Classic Chandelier (white)

[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Tray with Champagne

Bazar – Glam-Ottoman

LISP – Mesh – Faded Summer Rug – Misty Grey

the ivy inside and outside

{yumyum} ivy A, B(green)

3D TREES – hanging white wisteria C/M

Room Divider : BALACLAVA!! Camden Room Divider U (Linen)

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