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// Fancy Decor Battle //


Yesterday was a big day for me on my blogging career in Second Life I guess, I won the first ever Fancy Decor Battle! I received 20K worth of linden in the form of cash and store credit for Fancy Decor items. This experience is something I will never forget. And I will tell you why, It is an eye opening for me as well in many ways … This is going to be a bit long write up of a blog post. I am not really comfortable on writing long on my blog.


Doutzen is one of the few who I claimed to be my mentor on my blogging career in Second Life always emphasizes about quality. It is not about the numbers but the quality of the workmanship. And yesterday, for the first time I was awe working with these wonderful creations in Second Life by Fancy Decor. I probably see the whole store in one pile and have the liberty to pick and choose them for my decor. She also thought me to think beyond, to be imaginative, to be creative and yesterday for the first time I know what it meant, I learned about modifying items, retexturing them, unlink them and do what ever we want to the object we are working with. I did not have much time to do that yesterday, but I do a bit of it today. I go beyond than just tinted and resized an object.


Today I continue the fun by working on this scene. Let’s list them one by one and I tell you the story about the competition yesterday afterward. The things I am using here are as followed …

items by Tartessos Arts

TA Infinity Couch

TA Infinity Fireplace

TA Infinity Wall Decor

TA Majestic Decor Set [ edited and modified ]

TA Majestic Buddha Heads

TA Infinity Dracaena Plant

TA Infinity Palm

TA Majestic Plant

TA Infinity Dark Rug

TA Majestic Hanging Lamp

items from Fancy Decor

Fancy Decor: Woven Basket 1,2,3,4,5,6

Fancy Decor: Mounted Turtle Shell 1,2

Fancy Decor: Nesting Tables

items from Bazar




items from DaD Design for The Gacha Garden

DaD DESIGN “23 Floor Sign Club”

DaD DESIGN “07 Wall Sign Garden”

*****EXCUSE ME, WHERE IS? GACHA” ***** is 60L per play

The Seeds of Inspiration gift is won by playing gacha machine 20 times. On your 20th pull, you will receive your gacha item plus this Seed Of Inspiration gift completely free.
This gift is exclusive for this round and will be immediately retired when the event closes!


items from others …

Trompe Loeil – Yara Hanging Chair + Lights long/ring PG

Bauhaus Movement – Californication – Painted Crate

DIGS – Trengove Snake Plant

DIGS – Log Store

.random.Matter. – Hands of Fate – Cup [Silver/Gold] [ The Fantasy Gacha ]


.:revival:. votives 2 candles

.:revival:. throw pillows

Apple Fall Antique Art

Apple Fall Travel Drawers (Peruvian)

junk. boho curtain.

curtain – Sea Breeze ver.1.3

and for the build I am using , [ba] marrakech riad

Alright now the story about my day yesterday …. please pardon my english.


this picture above is my first round decor styling for the battle. There were 5 of us for the first round, I bet we were chosen among many others who applied for the battle. We were given 30 min to decorate our booth. The items are provided by Fancy Decor, we were all given the right to edit the object. All of us got the same items and we could request for copy if we need it too. This is the most stressful moment for me, I was feeling so tired after that, probably I focus too much. I usually get tired easily when I focus too much. 30 min is too little, and study room is not really my forte. I am someone who need to have many plants and flowers around, so this was really hard for me to deal with. I kept telling myself, I am here to have fun and let’s enjoy it. And I really did that, I played my zen streaming on the other screen to calm myself. I did not read the local chat at all, I just focus on what I am doing, trying to make the booth interesting and fashionable. And that word ” Get Shit Done” is really something that drive me through, that is why I put it right on the middle to keep my toes alert.

My other 4 peer who were battling together yesterday are : Wendz Tempest, Aisling, Lauren Minuet and Mady Fray.

One thing for sure that made me very nervous, decorating in front of others, having many eyes watching what we are doing and most of them are those who are really good on doing it in second life or love decorating in second life. That alone already made me feel so nervous and little … :p


This picture above is my 2nd round decorating style.

Me and Wendy made it to the 2nd round. On this round we are given a pile of Fancy Decor stuffs, I am sure those are all the whole store there. We were to share them, we picked what we like from the pile and use it at our own booth. Once one of us picked up that items, the other are not allowed to use it. We were given 45 min this time.

The first thing that strike my mind when I saw the items selection is ART DECO style. I was not sure either I go for living room or bedroom, but after a while I realized I would have more options to do living room. The black sofa is the first that strike my mind and the first I picked up along with the other two black chair. I continue from there on keeping up the theme and colors. Positioning the furniture to make the room look interesting is the first work i deal with. Again I forgot to change texture or modifying object etc, I am just not used to do that just yet. Otherwise I would had change the wall and the floor and those only will make a big impact on the mood of that room.

This time is a bit relaxing for me since I notice Wendy is not going for the same thing as I do, she was not picking things that I was eyeing, therefore the journey is way more relaxing compare to the first one. I even sat down in between of the battle and I noticed few laughed at me doing that. At the end of the battle when the judge said this room is made for a collectible items probably items collected from traveling around the world, and that is exactly what was inside my mind when I was decorating that room. I am glad it shown very clear on the work.

Wendy did an amazing job as usual. I adore wendy’s attention to detail and harmony through out. Each piece of her work since the first time I followed her on flickr is crafted beautifully, I can imagine wendy is someone very organized and detail. Sometimes I wonder if she is an architect in real life, her composition is well measured and calculated. Click here for wendy’s blog and to see her pieces from the battle which are superly amazing, i adore her second round work so much. In 45 minute she can get into that detail and keeping things very neat as always …. click here to read more.


When they announced my name as the winner, I could not believe it. I always feel myself still very new on this game, doing decorating and blogging. Therefore I am really grateful with this opportunity and experience given to me. To be chosen as one of the contestant for the battle is already a VERY BIG DEAL for me.

Thank you very much Fancy Decor and LTD …..

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