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// DaD Design, CLAVv, DIGS, The Season Story and The Chapter Four //


There is always that one little piece of my heart that spark all this imagination in Second Life. Everyday is like a story book, everyday is like a dream come true ❤


I am still featuring the new house by DaD Design for the LTD event, click here to read more about it. This time I picked on corner inside the house and decorate it as what comes to my mood at that particular time. Decorating in SL is always my joy ❤


I am also featuring this vintage collection by CLAVv for The Epiphany, click here for TP. The set name is C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor, click here to see the complete collection. It consist of 9 commons/ 3 rares and 1 exclusive item. You need to collect the point until 25 points to get the exclusive items. It is 75/play. I will explain a bit how to play it, People play gacha at epiphany will be having 2 choices : get the item or get the point ( in case they have double items and they don’t need them ). When you collect 25 points you can redeem the exclusive items afterward. Exclusive item is exclusive, MEANS will never be sold again after the event. And only can be gotten by playing the machine after they reach 25 points


Okay now let’s list them one by one so you know exactly what they are, I will list them by categories of brand or event so it is easier to group them.

DIGS new release, available at the mainstore, click here

DIGS – Milligan Couch – Adult [ NEW! ]

DIGS – Milligan Coffee Table [ NEW! ]

DIGS – Milligan Floor Lamp [ NEW! ]

DIGS – Milligan Wall Art – Portrait [ NEW! ]

DIGS – Milligan Wall Art – Square [ NEW! ]

DIGS – Langston Rug

The Chapter Four, click here for TP

ionic – VINTAGE MARKET sign

ionic – Tote Bag [ kisses ]

ionic – Vintage dress mannequin # silver

ionic – Faux leather bag

Kalopsia – Leslie’s Beads Lamp – Silver

The Season Story, click here for TP

{-MK-} mannequin_Cloth (White/1Li) C/M

Sari-Sari – Plant Bucket Trolley (Metal)

CLAVv at the Epiphany, click here for TP

C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Sewing Maching RARE

C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Folded Cloths

C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Box of Needs

C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Sewing Maching Chair

C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Sketches

C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – The Tools



Bazar – Floria-Curtain

Bazar – Stockholm-Bedroom curtain

Terrasum – OFFICE PLANTS Potted Philodendron MT

[ keke ] summer tray w flowers – pink

[ keke ] lilies – clay pot

NOMAD // Botanical Lab Desk RARE [ Shiny Shabby ]

:HAIKEI: look through the window gacha {2}

Apple Fall Lightbulb Terrarium

[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1 [ gacha ]



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