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// My Spring Cafe <3 //


I love to change things around my sim. I always said, my sim is my canvas in Second Life. It is my working progress, It is never settled, It always changes as season goes or my mood goes. Sometimes the items I receive for blogging become the main things for me to change the whole things in the sim. So really! It comes as it happens, and I am having fun putting things together always …. It never ends! Thank you so much for all the trust and support the creators, the event organizers or friends that had been given to me so far.

Alright! This is quiet a big project for me to do … Unfortunately I will not list down each of the items on details as there are just too many details around. However, I am featuring the following items that I have been patronized in Second Life. I use most of the following items at my cafe for decor …


SWAY guitar shelf, IDEZA and Cheeky Pea at Lost&Found event ….


[[ RH ]] Design and {iD} at Creator Collection Box

Belle Equip table and chair at Shiny Shabby

No Concept cup board deco at Kustom9

and the following are the pictures taken from the cafe …




and for this beautiful shabby chic looking fence by Unkindness is available at SaNaRae event soon …


cheers, Good Night!

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