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// All about blogging …//


I have been hearing that blogging is all about dressing up pretty and take picture and post it to FLICKR to get a lot of likes and followers ….

To me personally and I am sure some of my other fellow bloggers agree that BLOGGING is A LOT MORE than just that. Sometimes, it is not really the number of likes nor the followers we are aiming for but the quality of our work in exchange for our satisfaction on styling things around in Second Life.

It is a serious hobby that we can not take very light, especially when we start getting designers to support us. Those are responsibilities, they are not freebies stuffs that we can easily neglected. As a blogger, we have responsibility to find the best suitable way to represent the product and promote them through our blog and social network.


I hardly write on my blog for several reasons, first of all my writing in English is very bad, English is not my first language. Second I feel writing in the virtual world is the same as talking. The more words we expose to the outside the more we are hooked with our action. I believe on doing what you say you will do. Consistency is very important for me in the virtual world, because words and actions are the only things we can hold truth and that is how we earn trust from others.


This goes the same with blogging. Blogging is about TRUST, it is about the TRUST we earn from, be it the designers, the creators, or the event organizers etc. It is something precious, there must be something behind it that we earn their trust. In virtual world giving out TRUST is something precious as well as those who are taking it.

Blogging in my opinion is more than just dressing up pretty and take photo. It is a lot of things need to be done behind every blog post. It is start from building up our existence on the network so that we are getting those who will support us. And unpacking all those boxes from designers or event group that we need to blog. Review the items one by one by looking at pictures or trying them out.


Being familiar with the items we receive is very crucial, it will come with time that we start to be very familiar with our inventories or assets. we need to be organized as a blogger so that we can find stuffs easily. good memories can be a big help, as your brain works at the same speed as you unpacking those boxes. If we know our inventories well, we can immediately came out with the idea for styling, decor, places to take photo etc.

Putting things together is the last part before we take photo. Sometimes there are a lot to put together, from styling our look, decorating things around us, working on the background, working on our poses, or finding places to take photo with. We are the builder of image! we design impact to the product. It is never about US as a blogger when we blog, it is about the product. In every single scene we created, our mainly focus is the product. How we can represent the product at it’s best, to make them look interesting, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, livable etc ….

it is indeed a lot of works behind it. The journey still continue even once the pictures had been taken, editing them, posting them to our social network, sharing them around the network, listing them on our blog, giving out important information about the product and sometimes when we are lucky with abundance of times in Second Life, we go out further socializing, to get more connection that will help us with our network. Unfortunately I do not have this privilege, I am too busy with my real life as well. My times in Second Life is very limited.

So yes! If you think blogging is just about dressing up … please bare in mind it is more than just that. Now! time to give out credits for all these wonderful creation in second life

what I am wearing ….

hair : Tableau Vivant \\ Twist hair [S] – Basics

dress : !:Lybra:! Trista Blush (Maitreya) [ The Liaison Collaboration ]

boot: Baiastice_Pointed knee boots-Powder-Maitreya Lara

pose : An Lar – The Ophelia Series [ The Liaison Collaboration ]

things around me ….

floorplan. repurposed ski lift / silver [ previously Monthly Midnight Madness! ]

Series of Di’Cor Pollen Lamp comes in two version and 6 colors [Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, White and Green] available at the mainshop

[we’re CLOSED] shrub large green

[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush

Apple Fall Flagstones

and for the building : Scarlet Creative for William Weaver 2

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