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//Haikei Home & Tres Chic Goodies //


when you are busy creating or keeping up your real things, you really have no other energy left especially for the negative ones …

don’t forget Tres Chic is still around the corner as well as Lost and Found, see what they have there from this post


what i am wearing …

hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Whitley Rigged Mesh SM/MED [ Tres Chic ]

collar : titzuki : fern plastic collar / white / female prefit  [ Tres Chic ]

top : Mimikri – Blouse / Kira blues  [ Tres Chic ]

fur vest : Mimikri – Fur Vest / Kira electro  [ Tres Chic ]

pant : !APHORISM! High Waisted Flared Pants – Orange Stripe Velvet

my pose with cats is from :LW: Poses – Cats are like music- female version  [ Tres Chic ] – modified by me


and the things around me are …

the following are from Tres Chic event

[sf] boho bed – rustic

{CE} Leafy Plant ~ TC

{CE} Antique Stool ~ Texture Change Owner Only ~ TC

{CE} Love

{CE} Starry Night Table Light ~ TC

{CE} Be who you are …

{CE} Love is all you need

{CE} Potpourri Dish ~ TC

{CE} Driftwood Tealights

{CE} Books ~ TC

{CE} Storage Boxes ~ Red ~ TC

{CE} Ladder Shelf ~White

{CE} Katrina Candle Chandlier ~ TC


the following are from Lost and Found

:HAIKEI: cloth covered old chair 1

Toro. Hanged film camera {Black}

Toro. Box full of photographs

Toro. Angkor Wat Poster

Toro. Hare Krishna Bookpile

Toro. Hanged horror masks

Toro. Weed Jar + Pipe

and the following are from HAIKEI Kustom 9 and other collections I have

:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca {1} [ Kustom9 ]

:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca {3} [ Kustom9 ]

:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca {4} [ Kustom9 ]

:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca RARE [ Kustom9 ]

:HAIKEI: Classic Rug_2

:HAIKEI: Old Stray Paper

Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Black

Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

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