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// SkyDome Playground //


Calypso stays as Autumn on the ground, but in the sky, it’s winter!

Yes! I finally came up with this solution to keep a skydome instead of redecorating the sim for winter

It is practical and can be as beautiful as it is on the ground


I am using the skydome made by The Dreamer Creations

click here to check the product at the Market Place

In this package you will find many versions of the Sky Dome :
– Textures menu access by anyone
– Textures menu access by owner only
– Textures menu access by group
in 2 different sizes :
– 50 x 50m
– 61 x 61m
and 3 separate multitexture trees (owner or group access) 3 or 4 LI each.

By touching the sky you will access the textures menu with 16 different ground, 12 sky textures, 17 hills textures and 9 grass textures you can compose with. Some skies are sunset or night skies, they are best viewed in setting your environment to the best matching time…


This Sky Dome is composed of 7 prims all linked and is copy/mod
It is composed of a dome, a platform, sculpted hills and 4 sculpted grass fields all around.


for the decoration of this skydome I am using the following

Romantic Winter Lift Seat CHEZ MOI [ TresChic ]

[Shutter Field ] wooden snowman [ TresChic ]

[DDD] Log & Branch Deer

Lilith Heart Ash – Illuminated -white2-sapling

Studio Skye Enchanted Woods

Trompe Loeil – Garden Bard Abode (no gardens)

{anc} suger rose field [yellow]

LAQ Decor ~ Snowy Stonewall

3D Tress – Winter Tress + Accessories

and above all the SkyDome by The Dreamer Creations

TP here to check the skydome DEMO in world


and finally Happy Winter from us … manis & anthony



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