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// my hideout, Serenity Style for Autumn //


I always imagine a rustic home where no one else know where is the place.

I can go there anytime just to unwind myself, or just to write things on my diary.

The place is hidden well by the trees around it but so warm and cozy inside.

So, this scene is the imagination for that.


I am using almost all furniture from Serenity Style. There are multiple mix and match from the newest release and earlier.

However, I would like to introduce the new release since they are  out there in the grid.


The first one is the unusual set that will be coming soon at on9, 9th November. Click here for TP.

This set consist of the following : The console table complete with the decor items as well as cushion in tartan


The second set is the gatcha items for The Gatcha Garden, click here for TP to the garden.

There are about 8 items for you to play and the prize.


I love the wood feeling of this set and the serenity ambiance that these furniture can give us. The color and the choice of things to use for decorating, just like how I did it for my hideout.




more info about Serenity Style

TP to MainStore




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