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// DaD DESIGN “Country swimming pool”//


This beautiful textured and animated swimming pool from DaD Design new release is perfect for the feeling of staying warm and cozy during autumn. You don’t want to leave summer yet but then the mood is already heading up to winter.

This “Country swimming pool” is 100% original mesh and is available ADULT and PG version.
This pool includes a lighting system that will make your pool wonderful!


This item is EXCLUSIVE “COSMOPOLITAN 25 oct / 8 Nov. ROUND, it is at 20% OFF during the event.

TP here for the pool location at Cosmo.

Country swimming Pool ADULT cosmo AD

along with this pool I also would like to introduce the new set of Autumn Tress from Aphrodite


all these trees are available at the mainstore, click here for the TP.

The names for all these trees are as followed :

Aphrodite Orange fuit tree with lights, falling leaves, & menu

Aphrodite Apples tree with lights, wind & falling leaves

Aphrodite double lemon tree with lights, flaling leaves & wind

Aphrodite lemon tree with lights, wind & falling leaves


and the additional decor items I am using for this scene on top of the ones from DaD and Aphrodite are

:CP: S’mores Camp Lounger 1 (Adult)

Soy. Metal 3legged Table [White]

Dutchie stack of towels

[ zerkalo ] Summer Day – Orange Juice V2

dust bunny . potted rowan berries

[ zerkalo ] Picnic at the Neva River – Tray with Food

[ zerkalo ] Picnic at the Neva River – Basket w/Strawberries

Second Spaces – Kitchen Collection – cookbooks 3

Action Autumn Leaves [A][LARGE]

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