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// Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Bedchair //


I live in Asia, so Autumn is not really something that is familiar to me, but in Second Life I can almost imagine everything!

When I received this set from Aphrodite/ Heart Homes, I remember the time when we went up to the mountain peak with the family to enjoy the holiday or just a week end break. It is always cold because it a wooden cottage up on the mountain feet. It is always cozy with warm sofa bed and fire place off course. And having the outdoor BBQ is always the perfect combination for this weekend gateway. So Yeah! I imagine those time I have with family when we went up to the mountain for break.


This set come with sofa-bed, single-bed chair, table, fireplace and some decorative elements that come with it.

Some poses rezzes additional props or scenes, those might temporarily take a few more prims (typically 1-2). Some poses, the “Bedmode” ones will transform the couch into a bed.. you might want to clear up the space in front of it a bit. Also, the Sleep poses will bring out a cuddly blanket to sleep warm & safe. The sofa and chair have texture changer, click the BLANKETS for its 3 choices.  Fireplace: click on it for a menu to control the fireplace (this is really lovely at night ).


where to get it? TP here!

Now all the items I use to decorate this little space are as followed , I start with all my sponsors first

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Bedchair Single

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Couple Bedsofa (PG)

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Coffee tray

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow”Chest-Coffeetable

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow”Fireplace

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Deco Plant A

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Sofa Lamp

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow” Rug

Heart Homes “Autumns Glow”Deco Plant with Butterflies

The Dreamer Creations – Round floor cushion (adult) – Burlap brown

Serenity Style- Old Checkers

Serenity Style- Rust Window [ NEW! @Fantasy Collective ]

Serenity Style- Dizzie Mannequin

Serenity Style-Babe Autumn REZ

Serenity Style- Dizzie Wheel

Serenity Style- Welcome Rain Kit

Serenity Style- My Forest Warehouse Lamp

Trompe Loeil – Enfield Wall Art Barn

LISP – Mesh – Polaroid String Resizable – Fall/Autumn

tarte. twinkle tree

tarte. boho wall art

cinphul // Brooding Curtains [dank]  [ NEW! @ShinyShabby ]

Action Autumn Leaves

{vespertine_fading autumn_treehouse}

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