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// Tony’s Garage, :HAIKEI: Old industrial skybox //


Anthony just love doing decorating in Second Life. He has so many collection of finished curated skyboxes and skydomes.

We keep most of our things in rezzer that allow us to keep building a new skyboxes.

This Tony’s Garage is his latest collection from recent purchases he did around Second Life.

He uses HAIKEI: | Old industrial skybox
New at  The Mens Dept – Sept 5th



He mix and match many things around

.:revival:. ladder seat

[Con.] The Edinbure Manuscript – Crimson

floorplan. neon take me

[19MC] Blue Barrel 1.0.1

floorplan. crate stack / whitewash

+ILO+ Garden Basin (stained)

.:revival:. trolley

[Con.] Water supply

Apple Fall Propane Tank

::Nihil:: Brutal Point v3

Stockholm-Bicycle on the wall (decor)

[Con.] FLF Poster – Motorcycle

Soy. Crate

junk. metal step shelves. clutter.


.:revival:. mandala lantern black

oyasumi cinder block table

.:revival:. pallet on wheels

Tire Stack

7 – Now Serving Sign

storage cart

[Con.] Boxes in metal cart

[Con.] Bed

.:revival:. blanket to go ‘stripes’ – ADULT

.:revival:. door swing – ADULT (long ropes)


Con.&floorplan. pommel horse / crimson A

junk. lockers. dirty. adult.

Second Spaces – Clean Sweep – push broom

[AA] Toilet 2

[Con.] Weapon shelf

crate with bottles – shadow


tight. customize this – wall art 2.0



junk. edgington bench. adult.

[19MC] Sofa 2.01

[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Table

.:revival:. vintage rug

.:revival:. room divider

junk. college literary cupboard.

Soy. Wire Fence Wall Panel

[19MC] LOW-BACK Chair 1.02

N4RS Lockers (MF) N

Second Spaces – Moby storage table


floorplan. lantern clock / pewter


Apple Fall ‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarettes & Tray

LTD Decorative License Plate 1

Second Spaces – Patrick Pallet Desk

[ kunst ] – Kunsteiner bottle’s box / Lager (grunge)


Kuro – Wall lamp

7 – Safety Days Sign


[19MC] AUTO-DRUG Table 1.01

[Con.] Boneyard Patio Heater – Yellow

Soy. Old van frontseat (Brown leather)

Soy. Old van backseat (Brown leather)

Soy. Tire table

Soy. Tires with stand

floorplan. danger sign

Soy. Motor oil can [green]

7 – Standing Laboratory Thermometer


.:revival:. wheelbarrow corroded

[Con.] Wanderlust 1 Track Sign

[Con.] Wanderlust Tracks

[Con.] Boneyard Soda Machine – RUST – FLF

[Con.] Road Closed

.:revival:. tool shelf

Second Spaces – vintage parking sign

floorplan. route 66 poster



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