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Lingerie is Woman’s best friend

lingerieI wear Maitreya body and belleza, but most of the time I am wearing Maitreya. Lingerie is something very fun for me to collect in Second Life. My favorite designer when come to Lingerie for Maitreya mesh body will be Zaara. I had collected almost all the lingeries she has, I just love them all. They are beautifully design and textured. Have a look at her mainshop here ……

TP to Zaara Main Store

The following are my pictures having fun wearing lingerie in Second Life, all of them are still on my FLICKR. I did not give credit to some of them as they are my old picture collections before I start blogging. Enjoy.

16758281797_eece7c227d_o15886170654_07f7bcdc69_o16042672989_8829aa1a35_o16064677941_52c189b688_o16793724375_967a273a0a_o16054947179_033cfd7148_o16424612718_d64c9eeb59_o18380105265_994485e0ba_o16315697431_f9b17222a0_o17658592768_118eb7629b_o16792952460_3b892e5c60_oSome pretty videos I found on YouTube for wearing Lingerie

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