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Having fun decorating! Same stuffs 2 Looks

one in TWO

I love decorating home in Second Life, sometimes with the same stuffs you have you can have different look or function to the room just like how I play with these new collections from Shiny Shabby. They are the complete collection of [ Zerkalo ] Gatcha, a chic looking floor lamp from Concept, picture frame from Cheekie Pea and some other stuffs from Apple Fall. The top picture is how I use them to decorate the bedroom. And the following is for the living room. The only different if you notice is the single sofa seat from Trompe Loeil and The bed from =EilyBaily=.  Of course I did few more things on the bedroom like flowers from    [ keke] and curtain just to give more accent to the room. The curtain is a full perm curtain I had purchased from .:UR:.. And above of all I just love this new finding I have, the skybox set from Pixel Mode, Marcus. I love and love the way it is textured, it is shabby looking but yet classy with the window facing the cities setting that you can change according to the mood. I just wish she has more option from Asia, like Tokyo, Hongkong or even my home Singapore.


Snapshot_025Some detail pictures of the items for your eyes pleasure.


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