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New at Calypso!


I don’t buy furniture a lot like how I buy clothes, hair or shoe :p. I am pretty much selective on buying furniture, either I like them a lot or I see them fit for the sim, other than that I usually skip them, I still have a look at them and admire the creation of it in Second Life. Some of them are really shown how thoughtful the creator is.

I got this new bathtub with pillows inside it. It is very cute, It comes with different colors, but I pick blue because I know it will go well with my green house at Calypso. It goes so well with the Chesterfield Sofa Velvet by The Dreamer Creations.

And where to get them ….. It is at Cosmopolitan Event that is currently running. The name of it is : -uK- Comfort Tubby-Daydream by 7mad;Ravens , it has 2 LI but if you enlarge them it adds up the LI accordingly, the size I have takes about 3 LI.

TP here for Cosmopolitan Events

new2This is FREE from Dust Bunny, { dust bunny . amy’s memorial garden }. It is just super cute and very detailed designed with a nice imagination on the concept. LOVE it!

TP here to get it …. SOON!

and finally TP HERE to Calypso Dream to see them. Cheers!

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