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So I made it to Second Life Facebook Page!


It was a nice surprise for me to find out that our picture made it to second life facebook page as profile picture. This picture is actually was taken by Gorba McMahon a long time friend I met in Second Life. We were attending the theme party organized by [Elysion], one of the club in Second Life that always have theme party gathering over the week end.

15693497602_971d1bc6ec_oAnd this is the link to the original picture done by Gorba McMahon. This picture was selected as Second Life picture for the day too. Click here to Gorba’s flickr account.


And this is the link to the Second Life picture of the day. Click here. And the following is one of Gorba’s awesome picture. He is really amazing with his editing touch on every of his picture.


And this is the link for Gorba’s photostream. Thank you Gorba for making our face up there to Second Life facebook page as profile picture šŸ™‚

And this is my version for this picture …


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