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I was so happy to find out that Vespertine’s sim is opened for public again. This is one of my favorite place to see when I am inside the game. I just love the sim ambiance …. I can spend hours there just to listen to music and enjoying all the colors and patterns there.vespertine1

Being lazy and just hang it out there. Sometimes I will have a chance to see cool avatars in Second Life just by hanging out in Vespertine. They could be my style inspiration or sources for my next shopping destination. Really! If you spend longer time in Vespertine you will meet other like minded avatars who blog fashion and stuffs in Second Life.


As usual Vespertine consists of the main shop where we can find most of the stuffs that are on sales. You should check the Gatcha there, worth of collecting. There are different theme of furniture and items there to be retrieved from Gatcha.

PicMonkey Collage

If you walk out the store a bit more just follow the trail, you will find the small cute coffe-shop selling pastries and a good fresh brew of cappuccino. This place is awesome to hang out too or even to take photo. There are plenty options, colors and pattern that can be used as our photography back ground.

Snapshot_020So what are you waiting for, TP here to see the shop and I hope you have fun there as I have too. And yes sometimes I am not really sure what I am in Second Life. I can be a neko one day, a human, a puppy or even a lover.


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