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Visit to Oefelein’s home


Sabein is a fun girl to be with. We hang out sometimes just to chat around what is happening to our life in Second Life. When time is bad, we hooked up on skype just to scream it out loud. Thank you for being there Sab. Alright! We visited Oefelein’s home recently and I took up bunch of pictures from there that I would like to share with you.


I am one of the regular visitor to Oefelein’s place. She keeps changing her interior as well as her house. And I just love them all. Click here if you want to visit her house. It is open for public, I am not sure for how long she will keep it that way.


I notice she loves vibrant colors and shabby chic style which is just fit my preference perfectly. I usually will click each individual item and see who is the creator and check out their shop to find out more stuffs from their shops.


I noticed she collected a lot of stuffs from Vespertine. Too bad Vespertine is closed at the moment otherwise I would share the link to it’s shop here.


If you are in world and have a free time, do visit her place you are going to love it. And this place is perfect for photo taking as well.

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